Our latest blog post- Titled “Lap Band Miami Area Experts”  has some good information on Lap Band, and how it can benefit you. A Small excerpt from the blog post, “

How Does the Lap-Band Work?


The Lap-Band is designed to restrict the flow of food from the esophagus into the stomach, making patients feel full more quickly and stay full longer. The Lap-Band is inserted laparoscopically, typically through the navel, and placed around the “neck” of the esophagus where it meets the stomach. The laparoscopic implantation is the source of the Lap-Band’s common name. This effectively creates a dual-chambered stomach with a small upper chamber, referred to as a “pouch,” and a large lower chamber (i.e. the “actual” stomach). The Lap-Band is filled with saline solution through a small port implanted in the abdominal wall, allowing the surgeon to inflate or deflate the chambers of the adjustable band. Saline is used to help minimize the problems associated with band leakage or rupture. Because only so much food can pass through the opening and into the lower stomach, this reduces the rate of food intake and caloric assimilation, and helps patients lose weight.”

For information about lap band, please call or email Strax Rejuvenation.


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