Strax Rejuvenation

Strax Rejuvenation

Strax Rejuvenation, one of the United States’ leading plastic surgery and wellness centers, has officially launched their charity event, Strax Gives Back.

Strax Gives Back’s mission is to provide procedures for deserving patients who would not be able to obtain them otherwise due to financial difficulties. Charities interested in entering the event are asked to apply on behalf of their members and how Strax Gives back would benefit that member.

In order to participate, individual entrants are asked to provide the breast augmentation Miami specialists with a story explaining why they feel that they deserve a free surgical procedure, focusing on why they feel it would impact their life, and what they will do for the community in order to “PAY IT FORWARD”, if they receive the charitable procedure. Alternatively, charities interested in entering this charitable event are asked to encourage members to apply.

The charitable event operates in four phases, and Strax Gives Back is currently in the first phase of the event, the submission period. The center’s submission box will be open for a month, from November 20, 2012 to December 15, 2012. Submissions are limited to the first 200 entrants, so applicants are encouraged to submit their stories as soon as possible.

After submissions are closed, phase two will begin. In this round, applicants will have their entries posted on the Strax Rejuvenation Facebook page, where viewers can vote for their favorite stories (fictitious names will be used to protect their privacy until a winner is revealed). Qualified submissions will be included in a special voting round between December 12, 2012 and December 31, 2012.


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